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保存與使⽤ Storing And Using

未開封冷凍保存 18 個⽉
Unopened, it can be stored in the freezer for 18 months.

有保冷袋可存放約4⼩時。在沒有保冷袋, 於⼀般常温、不直射陽光,建議於3⼩時內放回冷凍
With a thermal bag, it can be stored for approximately 4 hours. Without a thermal bag at room
temperature, it is recommended to refreeze within 3 hours and keep away from direct sunlight during

In the above situation, it is only recommended for it to be taken out of the freezer once! Then quality and
taste of the product will remain unchanged. Please avoid repeated freezing and thawing!

After heating, please consume the tapioca in one sitting and avoid re-refrigerating or refreezing for
optimal texture and taste.

常溫:3⼩時以內;電鍋保溫(65 度):6 ⼩時以內
At room temperature: Up to 3 hours.
In a rice cooker on heat preservation mode (65 degrees Celsius): Up to 6 hours.

Do not refrigerate or store at room temperature. If refrigerated transportation is necessary, it is
recommended to delivery within 12 hours and place them directly into a frozen environment as soon as

Each microwave has different power levels, and placement can affect the heating time required. The
syrup has a lower boiling point than water, making it more likely to boil and leak out. Therefore, we
recommend removing the frozen tapioca from the packet and microwave in a microwave-safe container.

喜歡茶⾹ : 建議如下。含珍珠及茶,相當於500ml的總容量。
For those who prefer a stronger tea flavour: Follow the instructions below. The packet contains both
tapioca and tea, equivalent to a total volume of 500ml.

喜歡淡茶者 : 建議如下。含珍珠及茶,相當於700ml的總容量。
For those who prefer a weaker tea flavour: Follow the instructions below. The packet contains both
tapioca and tea, equivalent to a total volume of 700ml.

Can the frozen instant tapioca be thawed and consumed directly without heating?
No, according to Taiwanese food regulations, it must be fully heated before consumption. Additionally, to
ensure that the starch is restored to its chewy texture, please follow the instructions and heat fully before

成份 Ingredient

It cannot be made without sugar as the syrup plays a crucial role in product preservation. However, for
customers who wish to reduce sweetness, draining the syrup can reduce the sweetness by approximately

相當於⼀般多數市⾯飲料店的 微糖 糖量(14.2g),⼤約 3 顆⽅糖。
The sugar content in the green tea tapioca is equivalent to the “less sugar” option in most beverage
shops, which contains approximately 14.2g of sugar, about 3 sugar cubes.

應⽤ Application

加⼊ 700ml 飲料後的甜度箱當於市⾯飲料店的 1 分糖(全糖的 10%)。建議搭配:
It is recommended to pair each 100g packet of tapioca with about 500ml of beverage. After adding the
beverage, the sweetness level is approximately 1/10th of the regular sweetness level in typical beverage
Here are some suggested pairings:
White Job’s Tears: Suitable with Yakult Green Tea.
Purple Sweet Potato: Suitable with a light tea or fruit juice.
Light & Heavy Brown Sugar: Suitable with fresh milk, milk tea, or desserts with stronger flavors.
Mango & Peach: Suitable with light tea, floral tea, or desserts.
Honey: Suitable with light tea, desserts, or fresh milk.
Please note that these are suggested pairings, and you can adjust the sweetness and pairings according to
your personal preference.

Can the tapioca be used in baked goods? Can they be made into goods that can be stored and
transported at room temperature after packaging?

Yes, it can be used in hot dishes. They have a chewy and soft texture when heated, making them a great
addition to hot sweet soups or other hot dishes.

No, it cannot. Due to the continuous absorption of water and softening of the pearls, as well as factors
such as starch aging, they cannot be made into canned beverages.

包裝與運輸 Packing and Shipping
⼯廠特⾊與認證 Factory Features and Certification

Currently, the largest export market is the United States.

能提供 ISO22000、HACCP、⼯廠登記證影本、FDA 註冊資訊
We can provide ISO 22000, HACCP, a copy of our factory registration certificate, and FDA registration

可以,安亞每批成品皆會進⾏⾃主微⽣物檢驗,並且定期送⾄ SGS 進⾏第三⽅檢測。
Yes, Anya conducts independent microbiological tests on each batch of finished products, and regularly
sends samples to SGS for third-party testing