Why Natural Isle's tapioca pearls?

「健康、美味、不殺生」是董事長立下的三大原則,美味與健康兼具才能獲得顧客的認同。Natural Isle has since then committed to create products that follow a rigorous manufacturing process and use only honest ingredients.

professional Factory

台灣安亞於2018年在新店成立第一個小型半手作的珍珠工廠,經歷無數次的研發與實驗,但小型工廠無法符合商業大量的規模需求,因此於2019年進行擴廠並取得ISO22000與HACCP國際認證,終於做出符合市場趨勢及商用性質的即食珍珠包。 Taiwan Anya set up its first semi-manual tapioca factory in Xindian in 2018. After numerous R&D trial and errors, the factory expanded to meet large-scale commercial needs in 2019 and subsequently obtained ISO22000 & HACCP international certificates. →Read More

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